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In the arena of healthcare reform, the demand for physicians and specialist care is on the rise, while healthcare systems note an increase in physician turnover rates. In turn, some private physicians move to hospital-based practices to escape the heavy weight of practice ownership. Others leave due to a poor cultural or community fit, or because of an incompatible work schedule with excessive non-clinical duties. In either case, the cost of attrition is high. Thus, in light of physician morale and today’s medical environment, practices on both sides can benefit from sustainable solutions in regards to physician representation and recruitment.

While it may appear obvious, the recruitment and development process must consider physician-to-population ratios, practice location, analysis of community needs and other initiatives that best represent and/or attract physicians to a new opportunity.

Contingency Search Services Representing Physicians

To offset deficient medical practice physician staffing, as well as the high cost of recruitment, Whybrew Medical Management uses proactive resources to reach physicians needed. Contingency search services are an initial strategy to boost the number of resumes and create an adequate physician supply pool. In doing so, we maintain an awareness of internal recruitment teams, advertising and other recruitment services that are also on the lookout for the right applicant. Yet, we remain confident in our methodology, with the goal of producing a win for private practices and/or hospital-owned medical groups.

Chris Whybrew, principal of Whybrew Medical Management, works alongside other recruiters when necessary to identify qualified physician candidates. From initial screening interviews to recommendations for finalist interviews and contract negotiations, Mr. Whybrew helps locate key candidates for physician practices that will drive success and economic value.

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