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Interim Medical Practice Management

When medical practices lose a key player in a leadership position, it can be a vulnerable time for the organization when important decisions are on the table, or if performance is lacking. Thus, to ensure that business operations continue during the recruitment process, interim medical practice management provides much-needed support for physicians, staff and employees. Yet, in many cases, interim management provides much more, as the current workflow is reevaluated, critical decisions are made, and steps are implemented to maximize productivity in the future. Ultimately, a time of transition can be a time to thrive for practices that have seasoned interim support.

Interim CEO, COO, Executive Director and Interim Administrator Services

Whether at the executive or administrative levels, when interim support is needed for a medical group or private physician practice, it is crucial that the candidate be familiar with the changing nature of the healthcare industry. In other words, the candidate should be able to adequately prepare the practice for upcoming changes and government mandates. In turn, he or she should be able to offer the expertise that the practice deserves, with a specific skill set and ability to work within the culture of the practice.

From day-to-day operations to coding, documentation, revenue management, IT processes, team building and strategic planning, an interim CEO, COO, Director or Administrator should be able to maximize profitability as well as physician and patient satisfaction.

Whybrew Medical Management offers immediate interim medical practice management from physician practice and hospital solutions expert, Chris Whybrew. For private physician practices and hospital-owned medical groups in need of interim services, Whybrew Medical Management bridges the gap with workable solutions and strategies to help support and improve practice performance.

To discuss the specific needs of your practice, contact Whybrew Medical Management today.

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