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Medical Practice Growth Planning and New Service Development

An experienced healthcare consultant understands the financial pressure that medical practices face to grow and maintain profitability. Chris Whybrew has helped many medical practices successfully plan and implement new profitable services that add to both top and bottom line revenue. Chris understand the challenges and demands that come with implementing a new service and will provide the insight and the workable strategies necessary to support and grow your practice with very little disruption.

In addition to adding new service lines, Whybrew Medical Management also understands mergers, acquisitions and the consolidation that is happening throughout the healthcare industry. By implementing standardized, scale-able best practice processes with controlled workflows a practice puts itself in the best position to handle the rapidly changing backdrop of the healthcare industry. A regular assessment of a practice’s financial and operational performance is necessary to ensure the practice is leveraging its assets and outperforming peer practices. Chris Whybrew is an experienced healthcare consultant that can help practices overcome the challenges associated with growth and expansion.

Common obstacles include:

  • IT and capital constraints
  • Inability to share technology efficiently among sections of an organization or hospital
  • Lack of visibility into performance and operations
  • Poor time management (operations consume time needed for growth)
  • Minimal standardization
  • Lack of methods to encourage process compliance at the point-of-care

Ancillary Service Development, Chronic and Transitional Care Management

When it comes to medical practice growth, the addition of ancillary services remains a viable solution to attract new patients and boost revenue, not to mention increase patient satisfaction through an expanded level of care. Yet, determining the right service is key. What’s more is that a transition must be attainable without overwhelming practice staff or compromising practice workflow.

Even so, a great benefit of ancillary and other specialization services, when managed effectively, is the physician’s ability to spend more time with patients. This is critical in the arena of chronic care management, otherwise referred to as disease management for those with chronic conditions.

This type of comprehensive care requires close and careful monitoring of patient diseases with ongoing assessments, education and motivation so that patients can achieve a better quality of life. In contrast to the “acute-care model” currently used, chronic care management eliminates the risk of fragmented patient care and enables physicians to coordinate more effective interventional treatments through working collaboratively with other specialists.

For private physician practices and hospital-owned medical groups, Whybrew Medical Management offers growth planning and customized strategies for new service development, including the management of chronic care services. Contact us today to discuss new opportunities for your practice.

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