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Medical Practice or Physician Practice Contract Review

A medical and/or physician practice contract is an important document that not only defines the employment relationship—it can produce painful consequences for a practice/hospital and a physician if not reviewed thoroughly. While a qualified attorney should always review and approve the final legal document, Chris Whybrew knows what standard agreements should look like and can help ensure that your contract is in order prior to sending the contract to your lawyer for final approval.

Specific terms and contractual language are not always easy to understand. What’s more is that incentive payments on the contract are often defined in unfamiliar terms or variables, while other criteria listed are beyond the control of the physician. In the same way, compensation formulas vary, as do benefits packages and bonus structures.

To ensure that a medical or physician practice contract protects the interests of the group as well as the candidate physician, a careful review is necessary. Whybrew Medical Management brings two decades of experience in business and contractual reviews, with long-term advisory services for private and hospital-owned physician practices.

Lease Agreements, Physician Employment Agreements

When it comes to lease agreements among physicians and hospitals, there are complex regulatory aspects that require the attention of a health law attorney. Yet, for an evaluation of business terms and other issues involved in a lease or physician’s employment agreement, Whybrew Medical Management offers cumulative experience in contract review and negotiation to help clients understand the provisions in which they are being asked to comply. Furthermore, because a physician employment contract sets the stage for a physician financially, an assessment is necessary to ensure that the opportunity is fair based on the physician’s specialty, experience and geographical location.

As a physician practice and hospital solutions expert and principal of Whybrew Medical Management, Chris Whybrew is well-versed in current healthcare industry standards and how they impact employment contracts and agreements. With connections to providers across the United States, he analyzes financial aspects of an employment opportunity and provides ongoing support, data analysis and consultations as needed.

To discuss a medical practice contract, lease agreement, or physician employment arrangement, contact Whybrew Medical Management.

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