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Medical Practice Billing Consultant Services

The ever-changing regulatory requirements of the healthcare industry continue to place demands on physician practices as they work tirelessly to remain profitable. Thus, establishing a solid system of medical practice billing is all the more important to acquire timely reimbursement.

To place private and hospital-owned physician practices on the path to financial health, Whybrew Medical Management develops unique solutions and strategies to expand a practice’s billing capabilities. This begins with a precise evaluation of the revenue cycle, financial processes and performance risks. The goal is to elevate and improve point-of-service and track patient care, as well as prioritize and structure collections with incentives and/or payment schedules. Special consideration is given to every clerical, administrative and clinical function that contributes to revenue capture, including improving physician documentation to eliminate coding and billing errors that lead to claim denials and lost revenue.

Billing, Collections and A/R Improvement Consulting Services

While sophisticated billing solutions add to practice stability and financial success, collections strategies and A/R improvement are essential to sustainable growth. This extends to patient scheduling, eligibility verification, physician documentation, Superbill coding, patient collections and claim processing.

Whybrew Medical Management has worked with practices that have poor A/R management performance as a result of outsourced billing/collections. Physicians and administrators tend to outsource and forget about their A/R performance until there is a cash flow problem. Chris Whybrew will work directly with outsourced billing companies (as well as in house billing staff) to improve billing/collections efficiency which results in fewer days in A/R and improved cash flow due to the increase in collections. Some experts estimate dramatic increases in the A/R days, as well as claim denials. With this in mind, private and hospital-based physician practices can benefit from engaging our consulting services to thoroughly review the accounts receivable process.

The personalized strategies designed by Whybrew Medical Management support and improve medical practices in their billing, collections and accounts receivable. By doing so, physicians and personnel can focus their energies on helping and healing others.

To discuss the unique needs of your private physician practice, medical group or hospital, contact Whybrew Medical Management today.

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