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Consulting for Hospital-Owned Physician Practices

In the mind of the consumer, hospitals and doctors go together. Yet, in regards to provider or practice acquisition, there are complexities that arise when hospitals obtain physician practices or medical groups. Therefore, in order to avoid the high costs associated with acquisitions, not to mention complications with referrals, decision making and compensation, Whybrew Medical Management takes an integrated approach to consulting for hospital-owned physician practices.

Perhaps a healthy platform for successful acquisition and sustainability is open communication and understanding of the shared mission and vision among hospital executives, leaders and physicians. The idea is, with greater attention to these components, retention rates and physician satisfaction increases. On the other hand, concerns such as revenue cycle, asset valuation, internal and external approvals, billing systems and staffing in relation to hospital-owned physician practices should not be ignored. Effective management of these processes is needed to uphold the value of the acquired practice.

As a physician practice and hospital solutions expert, Chris Whybrew of Whybrew Medical Management brings cumulative experience in healthcare consulting, with tailored solutions to improve and sustain hospital-owned medical and physician practices. On the business side of medicine, he provides the focused insight needed in the midst of healthcare reform and cultural transformation.

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