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Strategic Planning for Hospitals

The field of medicine and healthcare progresses at an alarming rate, calling for skillful planning to ensure success and sustainability. Specifically, hospital strategic planning encompasses all aspects of business and performance, along with establishing objectives that provide guidance and direction. However, planning must account for changing government policies and regulations, as well as technological advances and other provisions.

Chris Whybrew of Whybrew Medical Management combines two decades of experience in healthcare consulting with an understanding of today’s healthcare industry to create workable initiatives for hospitals to follow. Doing so requires a comprehensive assessment of organizational structure, business operations, communication channels and performance risks. When executed properly, strategic planning for hospitals involves setting goals and objectives that staff at every level can achieve. When successful, strategic planning can dramatically improve organizational culture, operating budget, service line decisions, risk management, capital planning, cost accounting and forecasting for the future.

Healthcare Strategic Planning—Questions To Consider

With the implementation of strategic planning initiatives, hospitals and healthcare organizations can benefit in tangible ways. From organizational culture to goals, objectives and budgets, there are significant improvements in capital planning, cost accounting and service line decision-making. Even so, there are critical questions to consider:What are the financial goals of the hospital or healthcare institution?

  • What are the financial goals of the hospital or healthcare institution?
  • Will proposed changes have a positive impact on these goals?
  • What areas can the hospital or organization grow? Are additional services needed?
  • What are the needs of those served by the hospital? Will these needs remain the same, based on future market trends and industry standards?
  • How will the healthcare organization obtain critical success factors? More specifically, can these be carried out effectively in day-to-day operations?

As Principal of Whybrew Medical Management, Chris Whybrew supports and improves healthcare organizations with attainable strategies that contribute to viability and long-term success.
For the right strategies to help your hospital or healthcare institution prepare for what’s ahead, contact Whybrew Medical Management today.

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