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Hospital New Service Line Development

In response to new-age reimbursement models, hospitals and physicians are best suited to consider delivering patient care across a continuum, in the most cost-effective manner possible. This poses a challenge for many providers, as they must coordinate programs with services in order to remain financially stable.

Whybrew Medical Management provides new service line development strategies to maximize the value of an organization. We begin by helping hospitals understand their position in the market, along with intelligent decision-making to support their initiatives. We consider options for restructuring programs such as inpatient, outpatient and other services to ensure optimal use. In addition, we work collaboratively with physicians to improve patient care and performance.

Skillful Strategic Planning and Healthcare Consulting for New Service Lines

As a specialized service line development, an institute combines clinical care with education and teaching. With sophisticated patient care services, an institute represents a shift from consumer-oriented perspectives and requires a higher level of cohesiveness among physicians and hospitals. Even so, this example of service line development has the potential to produce volume and revenue, as well as new opportunities for physicians and hospitals to work together.

Chris Whybrew, principal of Whybrew Medical Management, combines decades of experience in leading hospitals and healthcare facilities in skillful strategic planning and healthcare consulting. As such, Mr. Whybrew identifies and facilitates the development of service lines that will maximize the value of a hospital. This requires an understanding of business operations and financial feasibility data, as well as forecasting, facilities planning and physician alignment needed to support and grow new services.

To discuss new service line development for your hospital, contact Whybrew Medical Management.

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