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Hospital Executive Leadership Coaching

For hospital executives, job responsibilities remain in a state of flux amid changes in healthcare and organizational structure. What’s more, pressures associated with managing employees, visionary decision making, and the dynamic of quality of care and productivity demands a particular level of guidance and expertise.

Whybrew Medical Management provides the coaching and mentorship needed to help hospital executives develop and improve leadership competencies. From focus groups to corporate mediation and strategic initiatives, we promote the building of collaborative and communicative skills so that executives can lead different personalities efficiently. With greater team and consensus building, executives are coached in their efforts to solve and manage conflict, while also facilitating improvements in performance.

Leadership Development

There’s no question that hospitals benefit from innovative leaders that are able to articulate and execute objectives to support the organization’s mission. Yet, in terms of leadership ability, there’s always room for improvement, especially within the changing culture of healthcare. Thus, Whybrew Medical Management comes alongside executives and other leaders in hospitals, identifying strengths and weaknesses, and generating a pathway for growth and development.

Under the direction of Chris Whybrew, principal of Whybrew Medical Management, hospital executives and leaders learn their full potential through guided activities and profiling assessments. A variety of customized coaching and development programs are used, some of which address real-world leadership scenarios. In these instances, leaders develop greater self-awareness and are able to assess outcomes and evaluate their progress. Having led healthcare organizations and hospitals for several decades, Chris Whybrew is a trusted source for leadership development, helping clients become the leaders that their health systems demand.

For training, coaching and executive leadership development, contact Whybrew Medical Management.

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