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Hospital Executive Recruiting

From consolidation to increased competition, system integration, patient safety, healthcare reform and changing reimbursement models, hospitals and healthcare organizations face a number of obstacles. With this in mind, there’s no question that great leadership is needed to thrive in the midst of regulatory uncertainty.

Having served healthcare organizations and hospitals with strategic consulting, planning and risk management for several decades, Chris Whybrew of Whybrew Medical Management has developed a firm understanding of what outstanding leadership looks like. What’s more, he has seen what works and what doesn’t, given the current culture of healthcare.

Through identifying with the unique mission and structure of a hospital, Mr. Whybrew offers executive recruiting services that elicit the right responses and candidates. From CEOs to CFOs, COOs and more, he works independently as well as with other recruiting consultants to locate leaders that inspire motivation, while navigating the complexities of healthcare.

Comprehensive Executive Recruitment and Representation

Because present and future success in healthcare requires intentional and effective leadership, Whybrew Medical Management devotes personalized attention to executive recruitment. In doing so, we tailor strategies to help organizations find the leaders that they need using networking, research and targeted outreach. Even so, we remain flexible in our tactics, so as to provide a comprehensive approach to locating and recruiting the specialized leaders that hospital facilities need.

Proficient in creating workable recruitment strategies, Chris Whybrew provides the guidance and mentorship required for executive-level recruitment and remains committed until the end through negotiations and final employment contracts. With little disruption to day-to-day operations, Mr. Whybrew remains a trusted source for executive recruitment and representation of candidates for hospital management and leadership positions.

To discuss the unique needs of your hospital or healthcare organization, contact Whybrew Medical Management today.

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