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Houston Healthcare and Medical Practice Consultant

Without question, current healthcare reform and internal demands relating to the breakdown of revenue continues to disrupt the efficiency of medical practices. At the same time, providers with a passion for delivering quality patient care struggle to balance non-clinical responsibilities and incompatible work schedules. In light of these challenges, private and hospital-owned physician practices in Texas, Houston practices could benefit from focused healthcare consulting provided by Whybrew Medical Management.

When it comes to optimizing everyday business operations, meeting patient needs and securing revenue, Whybrew Medical Management combines decades of consulting experience to develop tailored solutions that support and improve practice protocols. For instance, we design methods to promote accuracy in claim submission through precise clinical documentation and coding, leading to fewer claim denials and greater reimbursement. Depending on the unique needs of a practice, we provide ongoing support services as well as project-specific guidance. In either case, we are positioned to help physician practices achieve sustainable financial health.

To discuss opportunities for your Houston-based medical practice, call Whybrew Medical Management.

Physician Practice Strategic Planning

While healthcare consulting provides the seasoned insight that physician practices need to balance operations and maximize income potential, the right strategy can propel practices towards viable growth and expansion.

Skillful strategic planning requires an assessment of a practice’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and performance risks. Whybrew Medical Management considers numerous aspects of a practice including financial management and assessment, contract review, business operations, benefits/eligibility, performance improvement, revenue optimization, documentation, leadership training/development, coding assessments, staffing and more. This information is converted into feasible initiatives that not only fit a practice, they work operationally according to the size, location and population served.

For intentional strategic planning services to strengthen your private or hospital-owned physician practice in Houston, call Whybrew Medical Management.

Risk Management in Healthcare

Requiring an expanded, dynamic approach, risk management in healthcare rests upon preserving the quality of care and financial stability. Yet, the changing nature of the industry necessitates ongoing risk assessment through a keen emphasis on providers, clinical quality and values and outcomes.

With an understanding that risk is inevitable in healthcare, Whybrew Medical Management provides experienced and proactive risk management services for private and hospital-owned medical practices in Houston. By establishing expectations for communication, training and development, competency evaluation and compliance reporting, we help generate cohesiveness among providers, leaders and employees. In doing so, medical practices are better equipped to identify and reduce potential risks.

To discuss innovative risk management strategies for your Houston-based medical practice, contact Whybrew Medical Management today.

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