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Oklahoma City Healthcare and Medical Practice Consultant

Facing a wide range of challenges from within, as well as mounting pressures from changing healthcare regulations and coding, physician and medical practices are consumed with mountains of paperwork and the need to be reimbursed for services. Unfortunately, the time necessary to meet these demands takes away from valuable time spent providing patient care and healing.

Whybrew Medical Management works collaboratively with private and hospital-owned physician practices in Oklahoma City and the entire state of Oklahoma, offering the seasoned support and guidance needed to improve operations on the business side of medicine. In doing so, practices benefit from customized strategies that boost financial and administrative functions, while securing the revenue cycle with timely and effective claim submission, fewer claim denials and greater reimbursement.

Physician Practice Strategic Planning

Most organizations, medical and physician practices included, rely upon mission and vision statements for direction when responding to demands. Yet, disruptions in workflow and business operations continue and focused strategic planning is necessary to keep in step with practice goals and priorities.

Whybrew Medical Management develops workable strategies and objectives to help practices reach short- and long-term goals. These solutions are based on careful analysis of a practice’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and performance risks. This information is then converted into initiatives that, when implemented, become part of a tailored strategic plan for success and growth.

Components of strategic planning include financial management and assessment, contract review, business operations, benefits/eligibility, performance improvement, revenue optimization, documentation, leadership training/development, coding assessments, staffing and more.

For private and hospital-owned physician groups in Oklahoma City, Whybrew Medical Management combines decades of experience in strategic planning. Call today to discuss opportunities for your practice.

Risk Management in Healthcare

While conventional methods of risk management are focused on patient safety, reducing medical errors and protecting against financial liability, growing complexities regarding clinical patient care and financial performance call for an expanded, proactive approach to risk management. Thus, Whybrew Medical Management develops a framework for risk management that supports and improves private and hospital-owned physician practices in Oklahoma City.

Given the financial risks and emerging complexities relating to clinical patient care, performance, values and outcomes, the focus of risk management continues to expand. In fact, some refer to a healthcare risk management plan as a “live” document that is subject to change based on necessary provisions and healthcare reform. With this in mind, Whybrew Medical Management assumes an ongoing, proactive approach that protects the quality of care and financial wellness. In turn, we support practices in their decision making and cohesiveness, while we work to align operations with risk management. As such, physicians, leaders and directors at every level play a role in the continuous evaluation of risk management. Contact Whybrew Medical Management today.

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