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Albuquerque Healthcare and Medical Practice Consultant

Without question, medical practices benefit from skillful healthcare solutions, especially during times of transition and healthcare reform. While expert consulting and advisory services help practices overcome the unique obstacles that they face, they also pinpoint areas of growth and improvement. As a healthcare solutions expert and principal of Whybrew Medical Management, Chris Whybrew develops smart solutions for private and hospital-owned medical practices in Albuquerque and the entire state of New Mexico.

One of the greatest challenges that physician practices face is a breakdown in the revenue cycle. At Whybrew Medical Management, we dive deep into practice operations in an effort to identify inconsistencies and track data. Working collaboratively, we provide focused guidance in claim submission that leads to fewer claim denials and greater reimbursement.

When financial and administrative processes are secured on the business side of medicine, practices are able to focus more on their bottom line as they move towards sustainable financial health.

Physician Practice Strategic Planning

In order to grow and achieve sustainability, physician and medical practices need specific objectives to rely on when facing the growing demands of the healthcare industry. Thus, to help providers and employees fulfill their unique purpose, Whybrew Medical Management considers a practice’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and performance risks. In doing so, we consider many aspects including financial management, contract review, business operations, benefits/eligibility, performance improvement, revenue optimization, documentation, leadership training and development, coding assessments, staffing and more.

Following a comprehensive assessment of a practice, Whybrew Medical Management develops initiatives that align with day-to-day operations and finances. Thus, we support private and hospital-owned physician practices with workable strategies that fit the practice as well as the population it serves.

To discuss strategic opportunities for your Albuquerque medical practice, contact Whybrew Medical Management.

Risk Management in Healthcare

Given the delicate nature of healthcare, with its complex provisions and regulations, risk management has effectually shifted away from its traditional format, which emphasized patient safety, reducing medical errors and preventing financial liability. The focus is now on providers, with clinical quality, as well as values and outcomes as critical components.

Having witnessed the transition of risk management, Chris Whybrew, principal of Whybrew Medical Management, is well-versed in healthcare economics and the growing need for ongoing risk management to protect the quality of care and financial stability. Mr. Whybrew values assessment and evaluation of communication, employee training and development, competency evaluation and compliance reporting, as well as responses, follow-up and failure prevention. As part of a comprehensive risk management plan, these components help blend business operations with practice culture, empowering employees to play a role in identifying and reducing risks.

For insight into expanding the scope of risk management for your private or hospital-owned physician practice in Albuquerque, contact Whybrew Medical Management today.

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