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Challenges Faced By Physicians And Medical Practices

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As noted in an online issue of Medical Economics in 2017, physicians experience a number of challenges related to healthcare provisions, new reimbursement models and the ongoing struggle to balance patient need with payment. One year later, providers continue to be torn between patients and paperwork, the migration of reimbursement rates from volume to value, as well as ethical concerns related to patient care. Without question, the challenges faced by physicians affect medical practices and vice versa, as management is consumed by changing payment structures, staffing concerns and more.
Consider the following challenges:

  • Prior Authorization Requirements: increasingly common, the number of prescription drugs requiring approval before payment remains high, particularly for medications that are considered complicated.
  • Payer Negotiations: with provider networks narrowing, physicians find it more difficult and time-consuming to negotiate reimbursement rates.
  • Motivation: the combination of added non-clinical responsibilities and the inability to spend more time with patients leads to physician dissatisfaction and low employee morale.
  • Sharing Information Effectively Using Multiple Technologies: a critical component of physician effectiveness and practice management is the ability to share information effectively across multiple technologies, and this process has not been streamlined yet.
  • Physician/Patient Frustration and Dissatisfaction: from rising copays, deductibles and prescription drug costs, physicians and patients alike experience frustration and dissatisfaction. As a result, some patients become disengaged and skip medical care.
  • Changing Payer Environment: in effect, the changing relationship between provider and payer, specifically the heavy focus on patient satisfaction scores, is producing negative consequences in some instances.

We Help Support Physicians And Medical Practices In Times Of Change

Whybrew Medical Management provides comprehensive healthcare consulting, strategic planning and innovative risk management protocols for hospital physicians and medical practices. With deep knowledge and insight into current healthcare and economic trends, we understand the specific obstacles that physicians and practices face. Thus, we tailor strategies to streamline business operations, including taking charge of the revenue cycle and automating prior authorizations.

To discuss opportunities for your hospital organization or physician practice, contact Whybrew Medical Management.

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